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21 Reasons to buy your next Subaru at Baldwin Subaru

1.    Ricky, Shad, and Jesse can make a '71 Dodge Dart, left for dead under a sap tree, look showroom ready in mere hours

2.    We do not discriminate on the basis of hair color, or for that matter, volume of hair (Just ask Ed, Chris or Nolon).

3.    John and Richard Baldwin are almost always at the dealership (This one is definitely for the customers only).

4.    We have a fleet of clean and current loaner cars for service customers, no matter who has to wash them.

5.    Like many Subaru customers, Kevin Nicolle is a competitive tri-athlete; even though he only does it for the bike shorts

6.    Home baked goods and homegrown vegetables are great negotiation tools with us

7.    Billy Dickerson is always up on the latest Subaru technology and he LOVES telling you about it...and telling and telling and telling.

8.    You say "Oil Change," we say "Spare Change."

9.    You get to speak with Leslie or Sharon when you call us

10.    Diona and Corinne get your contracts to the bank and your license plates to you, quick, fast and in a hurry. 

11.    Several charities you know and love are the focus of our community outreach programs

12.    Service is open on Saturdays and you'll get to see Gracey or Pam.

13.    Richard Guidry is sitting at the front door of the showroom, even though he faces the other way

14.    Sarah makes sure that our advertising matches our inventory; she also lets us know when our shoes don't match our belts.

15.    You need a car; we have cars…and trucks…and SUV's…and motorcycles…and RV's…and airpla---well, maybe not airplanes.

16.    We never use our Subaru inventory in European Rally's, African Safari's, or for jumping the Snake River Canyon.

17.    Baldwin Subaru is the only place you can find John Baldwin.