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​​​​​​​A Subaru Self-Driving Car near New Orleans LA Could be Right Around the Corner

The launch of an improved version of the EyeSight advanced driving assist system (ADAS) may be the forerunner of the future Subaru self-driving car near New Orleans LA.

The phrase "self-driving" is really an incorrect term at this point in time. Currently, even the most cutting-edge systems are truly only capable of a few autonomous tasks, and none of them allow you to catch up with email while you're driving. Even the ones that let you take your hands off the steering wheel will cease to work if you look away from the road.

However, if you stop the "self-driving" expectations, you'll realize how impressive these modern safety systems are. And if you get used to having them, they become a vital part of your driving experience. For the longest time, this technology has only been available in the luxury segment, but that's no longer the case.

Subaru has brought this technology to the masses. Most of the newer models come standard with emergency pre-collision braking (automatic braking), lane keeping assist (automatic steering), and adaptive cruise control (adjusts to traffic flow). All of these systems have been around for a while, but it's almost unbelievable to have them come standard on an easy to afford $23,000 new vehicle. It's the closest thing to having a Subaru self-driving car near New Orleans LA.

The system, called EyeSight, was introduced by Subaru in 2012, and has been updated continuously since then. Rather than using a combination of radar, camera and ultrasonic sensors to notice objects that are close, Subaru's EyeSight system uses an exclusive double camera setup. Newly developed technologies have added even more safety and convenience features to the system, including driver monitoring capabilities and driving aids. At this time, US versions of Subaru models include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, and pre-collision braking and throttle management. 



The updated version of EyeSight will only be available to the Japanese market starting with the 2021 Levorg wagon, which is unavailable in the US.  The newer system includes adaptive throttle control based on GPS data for the highway ahead, with semi-automated driving under particular road conditions. This also includes active lane-change assist.

Subaru self-driving car near New Orleans LA: Upgraded EyeSight

​​​​​​​​​​​Additionally, the capability to recognize and avoid potential obstacles at intersections or other places has been improved. This means EyeSight will sense pedestrians or objects more quickly while the vehicle is in motion. It will also detect driver distraction more efficiently, and possibly detect driver medical-related issues. Alerting the driver to unintentional acceleration is a new feature as well.

While these enhancements were being developed, Subaru also set out to prove that a Subaru self-driving car near New Orleans LA is safe. The company recently announced their success with the world's first autonomous driving exercise that used a 2021 Subaru Forester and two other vehicles. Subaru teamed up with SoftBank Corporation and together they used the 5th generation mobile communication system 5G and cellular V2X to guide the cars.

The Subaru Forester was reported to have merged successfully into traffic using the new technology for the first time ever on the planet. A WRX S4 and a Subaru Impreza were also used in the self-driving test, which was conducted at Subaru's Research and Experiment Center Bifuka Proving Ground near Tokyo. Two separate tests were conducted; the first allowed the Forester to merge smoothly between the other cars from a ramp to the main road, while the second test was to merge with no space available for fit in between cars. The other cars were simulating heavy stop and go traffic on the main road. The Forester succeeded in merging smoothly in this test as well.

Both companies stated their intent to continue the testing "with an eye on the cooperation between the vehicle control system and 5G and C-V2X and proceed with research and development toward the realization of a safe and secure car society."

Until the actual Subaru self-driving car near New Orleans LA arrives, you can enjoy all the safety and driver assist technology that's available right now in almost every Subaru model. Visit Baldwin Subaru today at 1730 N. Hwy 190 in Covington, LA.