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Subaru Crosstrek vs Legacy: Model Comparison Near New Orleans Ends in a Tie

Because the automaker prevails as the superior vehicle manufacturer, the Subaru Crosstrek vs Legacy: Model Comparison near New Orleans almost seems pointless. All of Subaru's vehicles are winners, but when looking at two and only one can be had, there must be a winner named for a purchasing decision to be had. Those examining the Legacy and Crosstrek can consider what each has to offer but, in the end, it might not come as a surprise that determining the victor might be an arduous task in the end. 

Power and Performance


The Subaru Crosstrek vs Legacy: Model Comparison near New Orleans sparring match should first focus on what lies beneath the hood. The Crosstrek features Subaru's legendary 2.5-liter BOXER engine complete with direct injection. With 182-horsepower, the Crosstrek knows no boundaries. The additional 176 lb.-ft. of torque only sweetens the pot. The Legacy shies away from no competition no matter who the challenger might be. While its standard BOXER engine of its own produces 182-horsepower, a turbocharged option is available that yields an impressive 260-horsepower. The 277 lb.-ft. of torques is an eye grabber as well. Subaru's strategic placement of motor size might have been well planned on the engineering front, but it continues with an additional stroke of genius. One might not have fathomed that a four-door sedan could produce such speed and power specifications while disguised as a four-door family vehicle. This is just another example of Subaru's quest to break stereotypes and barriers. 

Subaru Crosstrek vs Legacy: Model Comparison Near New Orleans Concentrates on Technology

Subaru commands the market with technological advancements far superior to the other automobile manufacturers. With the STARLINK multimedia system, both the Crosstrek and the Legacy enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The Legacy features additional goodies with a high-resolution 11.6-inch touchscreen for optimal control of all electronic features. The Crosstrek features the same plug and play accessories, but the command is found through a smaller touchscreen of its own that measures eight inches in size. While each vehicle enjoys the same result, the Legacy makes it more visibility accommodating. 


The Subaru Crosstrek vs Legacy: Model Comparison near New Orleans could easily yield a winner if merit were solely based on the ability to adapt. The Legacy features a large and roomy trunk for multiple variations of luggage, groceries, and anything else needing transport. The Crosstrek, however, offers a surplus of responses when it comes to transporting larger cargo with the groceries and luggage. Fold-down rear seating opens the already large storage area to a runaway of room. The roof rack system can accommodate variations in carrying utility from baskets to bike racks. While the four-door sedan mantra of the Legacy might be limiting, the Crosstrek's possibilities are endless. 

Naming the Best



Because the Legacy and the Crosstrek fall in different vehicle genres and each offer the absolute best in its class, it is impossible to brand one with the winning title. If the decision was solely based on power, then the Legacy would drive away victorious. The Crosstrek would do the same if the cargo-carrying ability was the only criteria considered. Instead, the decision relies on driving personality. If the traditional four-door vehicle fits your fancy, then the Legacy would be the vehicle of choice, and sweep comparable models of competing automakers. Those seeking an aggressive SUV experience would easily choose the Crosstrek over the Legacy, as well as over Honda and other competing crossover-type vehicles. To learn more about Legacy and Crosstrek's features, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.