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Eggstraordinary Easter Fun: A Guide to Kid-Friendly Activities in Covington, Louisiana 

As Easter approaches, families in Covington, Louisiana, are gearing up for a season of warmth, blooming flowers, and delightful festivities. If you're looking to make this Easter memorable for your little ones, here's a local guide to some eggstraordinary Easter activities in Covington that will fill your family's celebration with joy. 

1. Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza: 

The classic Easter egg hunt is a timeless tradition that kids absolutely love. Gather colorful plastic eggs and fill them with small treats or surprises. Hide the eggs around your backyard or a designated area and watch as the children eagerly search for their treasures. To add an extra layer of excitement, consider assigning each child a specific color to find or incorporate riddles for older kids. 

Join in the community spirit at one of Covington's Easter egg hunts. Local parks and community centers often organize these hunts, complete with colorful eggs hidden in scenic locations. Here are a few: 



2. Decorate Your Own Easter Eggs: 

Unleash the creative spirits of the little ones with an egg decorating station. Provide boiled eggs, various colored dyes, stickers, markers, and other crafting materials. Let the kids explore their artistic talents as they design and decorate their Easter eggs. This activity not only enhances their fine motor skills but also results in beautiful, personalized decorations for the Easter festivities. 

3. Easter Bunny Visits at Covington's Parks: 

Keep an eye out for special visits from the Easter Bunny at Covington's parks. Some parks may organize meet-and-greet sessions with the Easter Bunny, providing children (and dogs) with an opportunity to take photos and share their Easter wishes. This adds a touch of magic to the season and creates lasting memories for your little ones. 


4. Easter Storytime at Covington's Libraries: 

Connect with the literary side of Easter by attending Easter-themed storytime sessions at St. Tammany Parish libraries. Embrace the true spirit of Easter by reading a selection of Easter-themed books. Choose age-appropriate stories that share the significance of the holiday, such as tales of the Easter Bunny or the story of Jesus' resurrection. Encourage the kids to share their thoughts and engage in discussions about the importance of kindness, love, and renewal. 

5. Easter Sunday Brunch in Downtown Covington: 

Consider making Easter Sunday extra special with a family brunch in downtown Covington. Many local restaurants offer special Easter menus, and some even host family-friendly events. Enjoy a delicious meal together and take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of downtown Covington, immersing yourselves in the local Easter spirit. 

6. Easter-themed Games: 

Plan a variety of Easter games to keep the energy flowing. Consider activities like egg rolling, where kids roll decorated eggs down a hill, or a bunny hop race. You can also organize a "pin the tail on the bunny" game for a playful twist. These games add an extra layer of fun to your Easter celebration and keep the kids engaged in friendly competition. 

7. Egg-cellent Easter Picnic at Bogue Falaya Park: 

Bogue Falaya Park offers a picturesque setting for a family Easter picnic. Pack a basket with your favorite treats, grab a blanket, and enjoy a relaxing day in the park. You can also organize your own mini egg hunt within the park or engage in other outdoor activities while surrounded by the beauty of Covington's natural scenery. 

Easter is a time for joy, renewal, and family bonding. By incorporating these egg-citing activities into your celebration, you're sure to create lasting memories for the little ones. From community egg hunts to crafting sessions and delightful Easter Bunny visits, the local spirit of celebration is contagious. Embrace the unique charm of Covington during this special season, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime for your little ones. To get more ideas for family fun on the Northshore, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.