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​​​​​​​The Battle of the King Cakes: Who makes the best? Baldwin Subaru Weighs In

For the residents of Mardi Gras central, most debates find themselves shelved when all eyes focus on the Battle of the King Cakes: Who makes the best? That question renders an enthusiastic debate and almost mimics the controversy of which came first, the chicken or the egg. It seems almost impossible to provide a conclusive answer, but the king cake experts at Baldwin Subaru decided to engage in the taste test of all times and render a deciding brief that ends the historic debate and bestows piece amongst parade-goers during this time of needed celebration. 

Manny Randazzo's



Gracing the sweet toot since 1965, Manny Randazzo's Bakery enters the ring for the Battle of the King Cakes: Who makes the best? Their secret concoction of Mardi Gras madness finds itself in a second-generation and still pleases the king cake desire every year. Offered in multiple variations, the Randazzo king cake is a staple for every season. Adding weight to the reputation and labeling them a heavy hitter of the Mardi Gras season, the Randazzo praline king cake is a wildly sought-after treat that even won the "King Cake King" award in 2012. Whether it is the traditional king cake or a rendition that boasts unique fillings, Randazzo's has created the gold standard by which all other king cakes are judged. 

The Battle of the King Cakes: Who makes the best? The Dong Phuong Twist

While the greater New Orleans area is filled with the riches of a robust culture embedded in the integration of history and culinary delights, the king cake has been historically influenced. Created from a basis of that intertwined culture, the king cake receives its own twist. Dong Phuong provides the greater metropolitan area with a king cake filled with so many different choices, the taste buds salivate while making the decision. Their original cinnamon version mirrors a breakfast treat while the cream cheese filling pairs nicely with a cup of Community New Orleans Blend coffee. The pecan filled provides a picturesque seem of Thanksgiving while strawberry, coconut, and almond options make one's lips water while the knife cuts a slice ever so gently. Dessert heaven is on the way. 

Another Fine Italian Product

Luxurious sports cars like Ferrari and opera singers like Enrico Caruso solidify the magnificence of the Italian culture. Gambino's king cakes continue that tradition and take the preferred dessert of Mardi Gras to a level that is unmatched. While their traditional king cakes make the taste buds explode with each bite, their single and two-filling king cakes provide a level of delight that finds little challenge. The soft and sugary bite finds glorification with a combination filling that could very well end the Battle of the King Cakes: Who makes the best? It could certainly be Gambino's with their continued celebration of the self-indulging holiday season. Their king cake Rum Cream leaves the shelf and makes its way to the kitchen table as the absolute black horse in a competition of bragging rights. A touch on the king cake and even a splash in the coffee stimulates a heavenly symphony of greatness playing upon every taste bud available. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crowning a Winner

Selecting the absolute best in king cakes mirrors trying to say which child is a parent's favorite. The feat is impossible. Location plays a huge role, as well as variety, in making that king cake selection. A Gambino's king cake is delicious but passing Randazzo's on your way to a relative's home warrants a stop of its own. Instead of determining without a doubt who reigns as the superior king cake supplier, better advice should be directed at where not to go. Mass-produced alternatives and most grocery store selections provide nothing more than an insult to the king cake Gods who have developed recipes and traditions that speak the truth and validity with every bite. If you need directions on where to find a superior king cake, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.