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​​​​​​​Get into the Wild with a Subaru Wilderness Edition in Covington LA


Are you ready for a more rugged Subaru Forester and Outback? The very first Subaru Wilderness Edition in Covington LA will be starting production in the spring of 2021.

According to sources close to Subaru, the 2022 models of both of these popular crossovers have been in the planning stages, and will be the first models to receive the Subaru Wilderness Edition badge. The regular Forester will be due for a refresh as well, and will go into production in Spring 2021 also. 

The Crosstrek is slated to receive the Wilderness Edition treatment soon afterwards, in the first part of 2023. It will be a redesign, totally new from top to bottom, with production beginning in early 2023.

The Subaru Wilderness Edition in Covington LA is expected to be the toughest model of the Outback and Forester (and Crosstrek) to ever come out of the factory. With the primary focus likely aimed at better off-road capabilities, possibly even extreme off-road adventures, sources predict new features will lean towards sturdier standard equipment.

Big tires are the first thing that most of us notice on an off-road vehicle, and the Wilderness Edition will surely sport stronger and bigger wheels and all terrain tires. It will probably also include a lift kit for additional ground clearance, a necessary feature for more intense off-roading.

Other protective type features the Wilderness Editions may come with are bold cladding on the lower exterior panels, underbody skid plates to shield the oil pan and rear differential, and LED headlights with hood light brackets. A front bumper guard to protect the grille from brush and rocks would be a useful addition as well.

Subaru Wilderness Edition in Covington LA: Accessories

Since extra equipment will be included to get you into the wild, a cargo basket on top, to transport a rooftop tent could be added, so you can stay awhile when you get there. Longtime Subaru enthusiasts have been purchasing and enjoying aftermarket accessories like these for years. With the Subaru Wilderness Edition in Covington LA, you can enjoy all these amenities from the day you bring your New Outback or Forester home.

The Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek Sport and Limited trims come standard with Subaru's dual function X-Mode, which provides much better traction in sand, mud, snow, and dirt. With X-Mode and all the extra features that could be included, the Wilderness Editions may very well become formidable opponents to the usual "serious" off roading vehicles that come to mind.

 More features that would make sense in the Subaru Wilderness Edition in Covington LA is Subaru's durable and waterproof StarTex upholstery inside, along with weatherproof floor mats in the cabin and cargo areas. Hopefully, the more potent 2.4 liter turbocharged engine will be nestled under the hood, but even if it isn't, you'll still love going off the beaten path in the 2022 models.

While we wait for the new Wilderness Edition Subarus, there are plenty of beautiful, brand new Subarus to delight you right now. Stop by Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N. Highway 190 in Covington to check them out.