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Get Your Next Oil Change near Hammond LA

​​​​​Getting an oil change near Hammond LA is probably the easiest and most important thing you can do to help keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Regularly checking your oil is a habit you should develop, along with adhering to your car's maintenance schedule. Dirty oil can clog up the inner workings and do the exact opposite of its intended purpose. Even if you only drive on short trips or you don't drive your car very often, oil changes are still important.

Oil Change near Hammond LA: Intervals


If you don't take your vehicle on longer trips at steady, higher speeds, such as highway driving, the engine isn't getting hot enough to boil off condensation that collects in the components, which may cause oil to break down faster. And, most wear and tear on the motor happens when you start your car, then if you don't drive very far, it's really hard on the engine. More frequent oil changes can help minimize the damage. Depending on how you drive, how much you drive, where you drive, and even what type of vehicle you drive, the frequency of an oil change near Hammond LA can vary.

It's a fact that engines consume oil during regular use, no matter what. How much they use differs based on wear and tear, manufacturing deviances, and most importantly, usage. Usage includes the following:Subaru designs its modern engines to successfully function longer between oil changes. The recommended interval for an oil change used to be every 3,000 miles, but with newer technologies in auto manufacturing and new synthetic oils, that's no longer the case. The guidelines in your Subaru owner's manual focus on the mileage your car has accrued. About twice a year, or 6,000 miles, is now the recommended interval for an oil change near Hammond LA, along with a new oil filter, tire balancing, and tire rotation.

  • Sustained engine operation at high RPMs
  • Frequent stop and go driving
  • Severe hot or cold conditions
  • Idling for extended amounts of time 
  • New engine break-in period (first 3,000 miles)


All of these uses will result in increased consumption of the engine oil. However, don't confuse needing to add oil with needing more frequent servicing.  Oil consumption between your six thousand mile oil changes is acceptable, and actually expected with today's new motors, so don't be alarmed. 

But when it is time for an oil change near Hammond LA, Genuine Subaru Oil is the ONLY oil formulated exclusively for your Subaru BOXER® engine. This specifically blended oil:

  • Decreases wear and cleans internal parts to maximize the life of the engine and maintain optimal fuel efficiency
  • Is lab tested more than 10 different ways to ensure quality
  • Protects engine components between oil changes better than most leading brands


So, to keep your Subaru (or other make) running at its best, bring it to us at Baldwin Subaru. Our technicians will make sure it gets the care and service it needs.