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Common fears and concerns that you will not have to face when you buy at Baldwin Subaru

Sometimes buyers have a preconceived notion of what the car buying experience is supposed to look like--- A trip to the dentist for a root canal, a parent-teacher conference to hear that your little angel sprouted horns and a tail during recess, or maybe even a surprise audit by your favorite taxing authority.  Not at Baldwin Motors; you will enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience in the peaceful confines of our conveniently located Covington showroom

Buyers are often forced to choose their salesperson (you know, the individual entrusted with being the MOST knowledgeable about one of life's major purchases) the same way they choose a checkout line at one of the big discount retailers.  Baldwin Motors prides itself on having the most professional, courteous, and knowledgeable sales people in the industry.  Rather than being attacked like a Royal by the paparazzi, who are hanging around the communal ashtray at the front door, the Baldwin Team is waiting on you to move at your pace and give you the personal, smoke-free space and time you need to feel comfortable with the buying process. (And as a side note, neither a herd of Polys or Rayons had to sacrifice their hides to create a checkered/plaid wardrobe for this team)

A person with a family of five is shopping for an economical small SUV in a neutral color; however the next time you see them driving around, they are behind the wheel of giant purple SUV with a gaudy, faux tiger-striped interior.  How does this happen and how can you be sure this doesn't happen to you? Buyers are often pressured to buy the car a dealership wants to sell, not a car that meets the buyer's needs.  John Baldwin has instilled into his employees his philosophy and practice of always "?helping a customer buy a car, not sell them one."  Baldwin Motors has a large New, Used, and Certified Pre-owned inventory that can satisfy the needs of almost every car buyer.

Sometimes you may feel it necessary to speak to a higher authority when it comes to a purchase or service question you have about your car.  Big Box stores and Corporate owned stores have countless layers of management, numerous personal assistants (gatekeepers), and volumes of toll free phone numbers to dissuade this from happening.  While Baldwin Motors cannot guaranty that you will receive an audience with Pope Francis, they will guaranty that you will be able to speak one-on-one with the ever-present John Baldwin or Richard Baldwin.  Actually, it is very hard to keep John off of the showroom floor and out of the service aisle, he is most at home with the customers and actually will give his personal cell phone number to anyone who asks for it (and, also to those who don't!)

Too often when someone buys a car has service performed on their present car, they feel detached and absent from the process and are left alone in the sterile environment of a waiting room or a bleak sales office, far removed from the process.  Above anything else that happens at Baldwin Motors, once a customer has visited the sales or service departments, they come away with a sense of family and a feeling that they belong.  Most everyone at Baldwin Motors has years of experience and the majority of those years have been at Baldwin Motors.  The overwhelming majority of the Baldwin Team is all involved in some form of community service and everyone believes that customer satisfaction goes far beyond what takes place at 1730 North Highway 190 in Covington