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Maintain Your Peace of Mind with Subaru EyeSight in Covington, LA

If you want to drive a safer vehicle, learn more about the benefits of Subaru EyeSight in Covington, LA and why you’ll want to start driving a new Subaru right away. Technology has come a long way in recent years and it can be seen in how it’s used in vehicles today.  We offer several vehicles with EyeSight included to ensure you’re as safe as possible.

Main Features of EyeSight

EyeSight uses cameras behind the windshield to help with safety and assistance features in the Subaru vehicles. Standard on some models, these features include forward collision warning, lane departure warning, steering intervention, and automatic emergency braking. Studies have recently shown that features like these can reduce pedestrian-related insurance claims significantly as they do work well to help prevent accidents. They can also help reduce rear-end crashes by as much as 85%.

Right now, Eyesight is standard in some models, such as the 2019 Subaru Ascent and optional in others. However, the latest vehicles are going to include EyeSight standard. This means no matter which trim model you choose, you can take advantage of the EyeSight driver assistance and safety features when you drive.


Different Components to Keep You Safe

The main benefits of Subaru EyeSight in Covington, LA are based on the various components of the system. Each component works to help prevent accidents and ensure you and passengers are as safe as possible wherever you go.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – With adaptive cruise control, it’s easier to stay a safe distance from the car in front of you. EyeSight will keep an eye on the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, then maintain that distance even if they slow down.
  • Lane Keep Assist – If you start to stray out of your lane, EyeSight can provide a warning. This helps you make sure you stay on the road, preventing a number of different types of accidents.
  • Pre-Collision Braking – Emergency situations can happen even if you’re paying close attention to the road in front of you. Pre-collision braking helps prevent an accident by applying the brake for you and alerting you to the danger.


Why Choose EyeSight?

If you want to be as safe as possible, start using the latest technology. Available today at our Subaru dealership in Covington, LA, EyeSight is a full safety system you won’t want to miss out on. When you take one of our vehicles for a test drive, you can see some of the EyeSight safety features in action and find out why this is considered the best safety and driver assistance system available today.

Are you looking for a safe, reliable vehicle? At our dealership, it’s easy to find a Subaru that’s perfect for you. Be sure to ask about EyeSight technology to ensure you’ll be as safe as possible whenever you need to drive. We offer a friendly staff, a huge inventory, and great service, so we can help you learn more about the benefits of Subaru EyeSight in Covington, LA and find the perfect Subaru. Visit our dealership today or call (888) 486-3576 for more information.