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​​​​​​​Maintenance Light Meanings on Your Subaru near Denham Springs LA

Subaru near Denham Springs LA can assist you with all your warning and service/maintenance lights concerns. They are also available to assist with preparing your Subaru for the cooler months and routine maintenance appointments.

The Subaru near Denham Springs LA has factory trained technicians that have received advanced hands on training. They use only authentic Subaru parts that meet safety requirements as well as using innovative tools for the most accurate diagnostic assessment. They will have you and your Subaru back on the road ready for your next adventure.

Your Subaru provides helpful warning and indicator lights that signify when a feature is in use or when your Subaru needs to be service.   

 Charge Warning Light - If you see this light when your engine is running it could be because the charging system is not working as it should. If this light comes on while driving, do not turn off your Subaru. Drive to a safe place first where you can stop and check the alternator belt. If the belt is in good condition, broken or loose and the light remains on, contact the nearest Subaru dealer as soon as possible. 

Check Engine Warning Light/Malfunction Indicator Light - If you notice that your check 

engine light is on, be sure to have your vehicle serviced immediately, if possible. If you continue to drive your vehicle with this warning without having it serviced, you could damage the vehicle and void your warranty. If the light is blinking while driving, to prevent additional damage, reduce your speed, avoid hard acceleration, steep uphill grades, and avoid putting additional strain on the engine with towing or added cargo. 

 Cruise Control Indicator - when cruise control has been activated this light will be illuminated. If the light blinks do not use cruise control and schedule a service appointment with your nearest Subaru dealer.

 Coolant Temperature Low Indicator Light/Coolant Temperature High Warning Light - ifwhen the ignition is in the on position and the light continues to blink red, remains red for more than 2 seconds, or blinks red and blue alternately your electrical system may be malfunctioning. Immediately contact your nearest Subaru dealer for a diagnostic assessment. If you are driving and indicator light is red or blinking red, stop vehicle as soon as possible and follow steps for engine overheating and have the engine check as soon as possible at your nearest Subaru dealer.

At Oil Temp Warning Light (CVT models) - If the "At Oil Temp" light is on while the engine is running, it may be due to the transmission fluid temperature getting too hot. If the light comes on while driving find a safe place, stop the vehicle immediately and let the engine idle until the light goes off. If the light flashes after you start the engine, it may be because the transmission control system is not working properly. Be sure to contact your nearest Subaru dealer.  

Where to Service Your Subaru near Denham Springs LA

​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you have any concerns or questions regarding your vehicles warning or indicator lights, reach out to the Subaru near Denham Springs LA, they are eager to assist you with any questions and concerns you may have. Their technicians are equipped to diagnosis and service your vehicle.

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