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​​​​​​​Identifying the Winner in the Subaru Outback vs Forester near New Orleans Battle

Naming the victor in any automotive challenge between Subaru and a competitor proves quite easy. A whole new scenario surfaces when the competitors are both made by Subaru. So how do you arrive at a decision when comparing Subaru Outback vs Forester near New Orleans? The only logical explanation is to consider the driving personality and determine the features that complement it. Only then can a decision be made with confidence.

Bigger is Better



The Subaru Outback vs Forester near New Orleans debate can be determined by size, only if size matters. For those looking for a maximum amount of space and more seating area, the Outback might prove to be the winning solution. With all seats at attention and in the upright position, the Forester provides thirty-three cubic feet of available luggage and grocery space. The Outback counters with its own available storage capacity ranging between 61.7 and 75.7 cubic feet. So, if the need to pack as much into the vehicle as possible, the Outback would be the logical choice. If necessary, dictated by some other motivating factor, then prospective buyers will need to direct attention to other decision-making attributes. 

Subaru Outback vs Forester near New Orleans:  Engine

A sports car enthusiast with some jingle in the pocket might compare engines and horsepower when deciding on that next vehicle purchase. Although the Outback and Foresters are SUVs, power might still play a critical role in deciding which Subaru to welcome to the family. The Forester with its compact appearance boasts an incredible 182-horsepower. Such a boost of power proves more than adequate for Subaru's compact SUV of wonder and strength. For the horsepower hungry, the Outback might now serve as the better route. With the ability to produce up to 260-horsepower of get up and go, the Outback stands ready to compete with the SUVs offered by competitors. 

Fuel Efficiency


Like a good crime novel, the Subaru Outback vs Forester near New Orleans story could take a significant turn or twist when analyzing fuel efficiency. With its boost in horsepower, the Outback additionally carries an increase in fuel consumption. While its 26 MPG in the city and 33 on the highway prevail over most SUVs produced by competing automakers, the Forester offers better numbers with 26 MPG in the city and 33 on the highway. If bigger is better, then it makes sense to reason that more available mileage to a tank is just as inviting. 

Judging the Cover

While the Forester and Outback both offer many of the same features of infotainment and safety standards, potential buyers must find significant differences somewhere to influence the purchasing decision. It could very well come down to overall appearance. The Outback supports its ground effect and large roof rack to promote an image of the ultimate outdoors vehicle. The Forester, however, offers a smaller but more refined version of sports utility vehicle driving. While the Outback conjures mud and the open trail, the Forester delivers passengers to a cleaner and enjoyable night on the town. So, when deciding which would better serve your personality, identify your driving personality, and then act with fury. To learn more about the Outback and Forester, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.