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Pets Love Baldwin Subaru

We all know Subaru loves pets, but we're proud to say Pets Love Baldwin Subaru as well!  Pets are such an important part of our lives and we're excited to receive stories about how our Subarus are impacting the lives of our pets.  We always welcome and encourage well-behaved pets in our Subaru showroom, so remember to take your best friend along for a ride next time you're in for a visit.  Read on to see why Pets Love Baldwin Subaru! 

Sissy Girl Loves Backseat Riding

I just wanted to let you know how much my dog "Sissy Girl" and I love our 2005 Subaru Forester. When I purchased my car back in 2013 Sissy was tired of riding in the back of my truck. Now she has her own back seat and rides and looks out happily and safe. We love our Subaru and won't purchase anything else. -Ms. P.J. O'Keefe


Employees Love Visits from Jazz

Baldwin Subaru employees love when pets visit. Jazz belongs to Mr. Johnson, a long-time Baldwin Subaru customer and he enjoys running around the office and getting plenty of attention from our staff each time Mr. Johnson comes in for service on his Forester.  


Theodore & Smokey Love Windows

I owned a 2-door and my dogs didn't have their "own" windows. With my new 4-door Impreza, Theodore and Smokey each have their own window. We love our Subaru! -DonnaLee Kubancsek

Send us a story about why your Pets Love Baldwin Subaru to be featured on our website.  We love to hear about the impact our dealership and our Subarus have on your pets!  Please send stories and photographs to Mallory@baldwinmotors.com.