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Pleasing All Automotive Pallets with the 2021 Subaru Impreza near Gulfport MS

Staging a stronghold on the car market, the 2021 Subaru Impreza near Gulfport MS impresses the masses with abundance in all areas of the vehicle. Modest exterior attributes with stunning interior features entice fans and draw them in. Performance factors please while the technology factor completes the presentation with an awe factor. Taking a deeper look into what makes the Impreza so special, automotive enthusiasts cannot just settle on one feature alone.

Plush Pleasantries



Before investigating the interior, 2021 Subaru Impreza near Gulfport MS enamors with its conservative yet impressive appearance. Vibrant colors are available to match any driving personality. LED lighting provides for safe nighttime driving and serves as a calling card of the latest advancements in automotive illumination. Sport rims carry the Impreza with its well-placed trimmings. Aerodynamic side mirrors come finished in a monochromatic format while black surrounds trim out the fog lights and front grille. Impreza emphasizes the art of accessorizing. Moving to the interior, the Impreza offers two-tone sport seating resembling a European style. Depending on the package selected, seating comes in an upholstered or leather finish option. Large dials and buttons adorn the cockpit and provide for a driving experience of ease. Promoting hydration, the Impreza comes complete with ample cup holders trimmed in a sporty finish. Adding an extra touch, the Impreza steering wheel is designed with a luxurious touch and contains buttons operating almost all its features. In the name of comfort, the Impreza finalizes this theme with impressive cargo space found in the trunk or cargo area. That notion is dictated by the model selected, but with either offering something big.

2021 Subaru Impreza near Gulfport MS: Paramount Protection

Subaru's STARLINK feature uses connectivity to provide safety and protection for the Impreza's passengers. A bundle of services is available through use of the vehicle itself, but also through the computer and smartphone. With a simple push of the button, SOS Roadside Assistance can be activated for help. The Automatic Collision Notification technology can alert operators of an accident. Mornings of inclement weather conditions are no longer an inconvenience with Remote Start. Using the handy smartphone app, drivers can remain in the comforts of their home to power up the Impreza to provide a comfortable climate to enter. The Impreza uses STARLINK Concierge to aid with navigation and service appointment scheduling. With this capability, Impreza prides itself on both coddling and protecting anyone who grabs a seat inside the vehicle.

Connecting the Dots

The 2021 Subaru Impreza near Gulfport MS sticks with what works. Respecting STARLINK and its capabilities, the Impreza is outfitted with the technology's multimedia ability. Equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Impreza comes fully integrated. Apps and content are all available through wireless pairing between the vehicle and any smartphone. Sirius XM and cloud based STARLINK apps are included in the package allowing it to be quite diverse in what it offers. Functionality and usage are all made possible through the Impreza's impressive 8-inch touchscreen. For those needing more, voice command functionality can be utilized to empower those same options displayed on that generously sized screen. Driver ease is further witnessed STARLINK's connect ability.

Four in Two



 Everything made available in the Impreza makes it the obvious and popular selection when shopping for a new vehicle. Its features and offerings mandate smiles while model selections cause for brain overload. Offered in both a sedan and 5-door hatchback type version, potential buyers have four different trims to pick from in each of the models. It takes paper and pen to list out what model offers which features, but either way, drivers leave with a bag of goodies. Both the sedan and the 5-door come available in a base model. The latter of luxury is climbed to the Premium model and then the Sport model. The top tier identifies as the Limited package. No matter which vehicle finds its way into the buyer's heart, a superior example of automotive engineering is procured. To learn which model and which series of bells and whistles grab your attention, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.