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Get your Subaru winter ready at Baldwin Subaru in Covington and Avoid Auto Trouble

As the end of Fall nears, an initiative-taking task that should be at the top of your to-do list is to get your Subaru winter ready at Baldwin Subaru in Covington. While winter brings the holiday season of generosity, gift giving, and welcomed colder temperatures here in the South, it can also leave a wicked path with drained batteries and frozen radiator and windshield wiper reservoirs.

Battery Power

Get your Subaru winter ready at Baldwin Subaru in Covington by taking to Baldwin for a quick pre-season checkup. Have that battery checked for any potential damage. If it is powering your Subaru but on its last leg, motorists can rest assured that the first spell of wintery weather will drain it down to unrecoverable charge. While this can prove to be an inconvenience in your driveway as you prepare for that morning commute, it can have dangerous results if you are in the middle of nowhere. Remember, Subaru is the ultimate adventure vehicle so the possibility of returning to your Subaru after a frigid day of hunting to find a dead battery can very much be a reality. A freezing night in the car waiting for assistance could have been avoided with proactive maintenance performed at Baldwin Subaru.

Get Your Subaru Winter Ready at Baldwin Subaru in Covington: Tire Pressure

If you drive a vehicle with a tire monitoring system, then you have more than likely received the dreaded dashboard alert indicating a loss of tire pressure. With a blast of winter weather, tire pressure will more than likely change. Motorists can get out ahead of potential tire issues by taking advantage of Baldwin's maintenance capabilities. A proactive approach serves as the winning antidote and let trained service technicians inspect tires for potential leaks. While there, take it a step further and allow your Subaru a tire rotation. This will extend tread life, and if it is already in the rack for inspection, it only makes sense to solicit initiative-taking service.

Radiator Life

Down South, auto owners sometimes cheat and add water to the radiator for the engine cooling function. While acceptable in an emergency, it can be a real problem in frigid temperatures. With the right front and a wintry blast punch from Mother Nature, that water can potentially freeze and bust hoses, and potentially split the radiator itself. Steer away from irresponsible behavior and stop by Baldwin Subaru for a radiator inspection and fluid change. The well-versed service team will ensure your Subaru's radiator is filled with coolant that avoids freezing like water. So, get your Subaru winter ready at Baldwin Subaru in Covington.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir

How many times have you attempted to spray the windshield of your Subaru when activating the windshield wipers, but nothing happens? Now, how many times have you rectified the issue by filling the windshield wiper reservoir from the garden hose? Tap your hands and shake your head side to side. A windshield reservoir can turn to a block of ice if temperatures drop to the optimum reading. Vehicle owners should take a more responsible approach and use the correct concoction for windshield cleaning. To ensure you are prepared with no doubt, swing into the service center at Baldwin and let them drain and refill that windshield reservoir with a solution that cleans the windshield without causing hundreds of dollars in damage. To learn more about how you can prepare for winter, visit Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.