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​​​​​​​Setting the Standard in Vehicle Longevity with Subaru service near Hammond LA

Maintaining vehicle life and dependability, the Subaru service near Hammond LA serves as a major step in the process. With engine oil lubricating the mechanical parts of the Subaru's engine, it is imperative it is changed and maintained. Subaru presents this key vehicle life service for its vehicles but also provides the same service to other makes and models fortunate enough to receive the same valued treatment.

Servicing Gains

Subaru service near Hammond LA is paramount in extending vehicle life and reliability. Even with Subaru being a manufacturer of superior automobiles, service must be performed. Periodic care and attention given to engine life is essential. Additionally, other aspects of the vehicle must receive equal attention in order to give equal protection. Tire and wheels should be inspected. Climate control systems must receive attention as well to ensure proper functionality. Living on the edge and letting these components function without service interval attention could result in failure. By properly maintaining the vehicle's systems and components, its life is extended. Just like the human body, failure to maintain it shortens the lifespan. With Subaru's detailed inspections, fluid change out sequences and preventative measure, vehicles are left with an excellent opportunity to perform at optimal levels and not leave its passengers stranded on the side of the road.



Subaru service near Hammond LA: Service Tips for Travelling Trips

If you are thinking about loading up your Subaru and venturing into the ack country, consideration should be taken. Before starting that trip of adventure, instead, venture into the dealership and get the once over. Ensuring the cooling system is functioning without fault can surely prevent failure when miles away from civilization and without cellular signal. When planning a cross country trek with the family, consider the mileage to be gained. With oil changes recommended every 6000 miles, plan accordingly to ensure your Subaru's engine lubricant is in the most optimal condition possible. A pinpointed inspection of the Subaru's tire condition and current alignment can prevent blowouts and poor fuel efficiency while travelling desired locations. Subaru's service criteria can faithfully make future travels as worry free as possible. 

Subaru Spring Service Event

Subaru service near Hammond LA is celebrated with the manufacturer's Spring Service event. Welcoming the warmth and anticipating holiday traffic, Subaru popped the cork to celebrate accordingly. Besides a nice wash job and a fresh coat of wax, give your Subaru something extra. Send it down to the automotive salon for the package of perfection when it comes to vehicle care. Get the fluids assessed and changed. If the tires look worn, invest in a new pair of running shoes for your Subaru. To provide the ultimate health check, take advantage of the Spring Service event with vehicle diagnostic testing. All components of the event will bring calm to drivers and maximum performance to their vehicles.


Scheduling Service​​​​​​​

To schedule an appointment of vehicle wellness, visit us online or contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington LA 70433. Our website makes it incredibly easy to schedule your service online. Our express Service program also makes getting standard maintenance quick and easy. We look forward to serving you!