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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Should You Buy the Subaru Starlink Upgrade? Read and decide!

Automakers around the world strive to develop the next best thing. While it used to be engine size and performance, the fad later turned to interior luxury. With the gas price crunch and challenging economy, technology seemingly trumps performance and the lavish trims. The new car buyer entering the scene focuses on connection, and that is not to say it is with one person, but instead, the world as we have come to know it through handheld devices like smartphones. Subaru's Starlink package proves to be the perfect example of such a technological wonder. So, should you buy the Subaru Starlink upgrade? Of course!

Multimedia Madness


 Should You Buy the Subaru Starlink Upgrade? Well, if connectivity is important to your driving personality, then jump into the deep end. The Starlink multimedia package provides an outlet like no other to connect your electronic persona with your Subaru of choice. Your favorite apps and stellar navigation capability all come true to form through Starlink. If that was not enough, Starlink provides hands-free usage for Bluetooth and access to all those favorite apps populating the large touchscreen communication hub found in all Subaru models.  

Should You Buy the Subaru Starlink Upgrade? Smartphone Standard

Catering to all driving personalities, Subaru ensures that it continues that theme for cell phone users. Daring not to be partial to one or the other, Starlink connects with Apple and Android technology. Drivers can utilize AppleCarPlay. Texts come through the Subaru, as well as incoming and outgoing cellular calls. Starlink acts as an angel on your shoulder allowing the driver to maintain the focus of the road ahead. The same functionality is offered to Android Auto lovers. Starlink partners with Android Auto technology to continue the highest standard in safety, and hands-free use. 

Sirius Sounds

Should You Buy the Subaru Starlink Upgrade? If you are a proponent of increased song play and less commercial time, Starlink is the technology package for you. Those gaining the benefits of a Starlink package purpose additionally capitalize on a four-month subscription to Sirius XM radio for a surplus of stations that include comedy, politic, and sports. Starlink ensures that the long drive will refrain from the dreaded static and pressured search to not only find replacement tunes but a station that offers what pleases the pallet.  

Future Command

They say a commanding voice motivates. If that is the case, the Subaru owes great thanks to its Starlink package. Established to receive voice commands, Starlink ensures an almost personable relationship with one's automobile. With such technological advancement, making calls and using navigation have been made safer. Even changes in temperature and its power setting can be managed through Starlink voice command. Not only can you tell your Subaru to call your spouse, but you can instruct it lower the temperature of the cab if those heavy heat days attempt to creep into your vehicle of solitude. To learn more about the Starlink multimedia package, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.