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The 2022 Subaru Ascent Onyx near New Iberia LA Adds Toughness to the Standard SUV

Spicing up an already outstanding SUV, the automaker known for safety and reliability released the 2022 Subaru Ascent Onyx near New Iberia LA onto the streets and trail. Adding to comfort and an economical means of transportation in getting the family to and from, the Ascent Onyx adds thrill and adventure to the equation. Outfitted with features and trimmings that scream aggression, the vehicle stands ready to deliver the family to the waterpark for a day of fun or the wilderness for a weekend expedition. The vehicle knows no limitations when it comes to capability and functionality.

Rugged exterior

The 2022 Subaru Ascent Onyx near New Iberia LA rests upon 20-inch sport rims and tires. Black trims outline the fender wells and further carry the eyes around the vehicle. Vibrant color options are served up in surplus. As if spotlighting a solo performance on stage, auto dimming exterior mirrors provide a halo of light upon the Ascent Onyx. LED lighting completes the illumination package with additional hidden but well-placed fog lights. A versatile roof rack system complements the vehicle and prepares it for a variety of outdoor adventures. No matter the selections made, the Ascent Onyx portrays a persona of thrill with little rest. Afterall, the trail ahead awaits exploration, and the Ascent Onyx is ready to deliver.

2022 Subaru Ascent Onyx near New Iberia LA: Matching Interior

The Ascent Onyx offers an interior that matches the versatility of the exterior. With adventure and outdoors being key components of the driving experience, the vehicle comes equipped with rear seat protectors. When folded down, the surface is strong and tough, ready to support any outdoor toy brought along. Whether it's a kayak or mountain bike, the Ascent Onyx shows no fear and stands ready to transport it. The cargo area of the vehicle proves to be generous in the accommodations it provides. Even a Subaru pet carrier can be fitted for a factory-like position. Now the family pet can tag along for a weekend adventure.

Roof Rack like a Swiss Army Knife

The 2022 Subaru Ascent Onyx near New Iberia LA features a roof rack system with countless possibilities. Resembling the functionality of a Swiss Army Knife, the Subaru system accommodates a surplus of needs. A crossbar setup allows for a dry storage shell to be added above the vehicle. Now passengers can fill the rear of the Ascent Onyx while the luggage can be moved above with confidence as it finds protection from the outdoor elements. If bicycle transport from the hitch rack does not sound appealing, they too can be moved to the roof rack, compliments of an additional mount system that utilizes the crossbars. Additionally, a kayak kit can provide adaptation of the Subaru roof rack and now the river runners find easy transportation. An open basket can also be mounted to the roof rack system for all those muddy shoes and wet clothes. Fear not, a webbed covering provides security and keeps items from blowing away while retreating to suburbia.


The Ascent Onyx features the same technological advancements found inside the vehicle as all other Subaru models. The steering wheel features push button controls allowing drivers to always keep their hands on the wheel. Apple CarPlay and Android Audio can coexist with the Ascent Onyx and their functions are displayed on the generously sized touchscreen. USB charging points populate the vehicle, but it also comes with a wireless charging capability. Paired with its design and performance, the Ascent Onyx competes without disappointment. To learn more about how the Ascent Onyx can provide your next adventure, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.