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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​3 Fun Summer Activities in Covington, LA Experienced from Inside a Subaru

With the increase in temperature comes the increase in Subaru travel known as the traditional family vacation. While some seek the white sands of Florida and others the flowing rapids of the Smoky Mountains, Subaru owners can enjoy 3 fun summer activities in Covington, LA. Piney wooded scenery and the absolute best in dining are just some of the attractions that both Covington and Subaru delivers. 

Traversing the Trace


3 fun summer Activities in Covington, LA includes the Tammany Trace at the top of the list. Those fortunate enough to be the proud owners of the Subaru Forester can capitalize on capability. Simply outfit the world's best SUV with a multi-purpose roof rack and suddenly mountain bikes can be transported to any starting point of your liking. We recommend gaining access to the trace at Coop Drive and heading south to the Mandeville Lake Front. With the bikes atop, the Forester's cargo hold can transport backpacks of gear to make the cycling trip even more enjoyable. With the destination of Lake Ponchartrain being superb, enjoying it by way of a picnic makes it better. 

3 Fun summer Activities in Covington, LA: Chimes Eatery

Those looking for a good venue of casual dining with delicious food can certainly find it at the Chimes Restaurant on the Bogue Falayia. After partaking in some local craft beer and the best in burgers and sandwiches around, a dip in the river and an adventure by kayak can be had. Who said you had to have an SUV to fulfill dreams of expedition? Subaru's Legacy can deliver passengers right at the door of this famous restaurant with the bonus of water fun rentals. 

Block Parties

3 Fun summer Activities in Covington, LA include the infamous block parties that occupy one Friday a month. Summertime joy carries over into the evening and after Subaru drivers parallel park their Crosstreks, they can stroll up and down the streets of Downtown Covington for some incredibly special nightlife. A visit to Jewel Caters offers a wide selection of premium cigars and a stop by the Southern Hotel for a cocktail completes the process. While the display of classic cars that adorn the intersecting avenues of Boston Street invoke a walk into history, that Crosstrek or any other Subaru waiting where you left it is just a reminder of how technology grows and advances. 


Buckets of Fun​​​​​​​

While technology is a valuable tool, sometimes it is a good thing to unplug and get back to basics. Nothing says summertime family fun like joining together to pick blackberries. Covington's piney woods are loaded with prime blackberry picking territory that deliver the goal of finding the biggest berry ever and allowing it to burst in your mouth. The banks of the Bogue Falaya and the Abita River promise to deliver. Those looking to find the premier destination can traverse up Hwy 190 in their Subaru WRXs to the intersection of Airport Road. The Utopia of blackberry habitat is located throughout that goldmine of berry picking habitat. Whether the blackberries sought are found offroad or within city limits, Subaru can deliver you to your destination of choice. To learn more about summer in the area, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.