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Subaru DriverFocus Near Lafayette LA Creates Safer Roads

Subaru Driver Focus near Lafayette LA is creating safer roads with less distracted drivers. It's no surprise that many accidents are caused by distracted drivers. Subaru has developed cutting edge technology to reduce driver distraction.

The Subaru DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System features an advanced system that helps reduce distracted drivers. It works with EyeSight Driver Assist Technology providing a virtual co-pilot capable of alerting the driver if they become distracted or drowsy. DriverFocus has the ability to recognize up to five drivers along with their stored preferences, including seat position, preferred temperature, and outside mirror position.

With the use of infrared sensors and facial recognition software Subaru Driver Focus near Lafayette LA can detect if the driver is drowsy or distracted. The system will make a series of beeps to warn you if you look away from the road for three seconds. The Subaru will slow down until it comes to a stop if you do not respond to the warnings. The system can use Starlink if you are unresponsive to contact emergency medical services.


Subaru Driver Focus near Lafayette LA Keeps Families Safe

There are a variety of safety technologies working to keep you and your family safe. Subaru Driver Focus near Lafayette LA is one component along with EyeSight and STARLINK. EyeSigth Driver Assist Technology has reduced rear collisions by 85%. It includes EyeSight Adaptive Cruise Control that automatically adjusts your speed to maintain a preselected distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Pre-Collision Braking reduces frontal collisions by alerting you and applying the brakes in an emergency situation. It lowers pedestrian injuries by up to 35% according to a study by IIHS. EyeSight Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning alerts you if you sway outside of your lane and can steer you back into your lane. Another feature of EyeSight is Pre-Collision Throttle Management that reduces power from the engine when it detects an obstacle in front of your vehicle, decreasing frontal impact damage.

Subaru STARLINK technology offers multimedia connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, voice command navigation, and safety features. STARLINK Multimedia connects your apps to your vehicle so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. By displaying your selected apps on the touchscreen, you can easily access news, navigation, food, weather, music, podcasts, and audiobooks. STARLINK Safety and Security is there when you need it most. With services including Automatic Collision Notification (24/7/365 access), Enhanced Roadside Assistance by pressing the blue "i" button, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, and Remote Services. You gain a personal assistant with STARLINK Concierge to help with restaurant and hotel reservations and purchasing tickets for sporting/theater events. It can also search places of interest and schedule service appointments with the touch of a button. 

Take advantage of Subaru STARLINK Entertainment with built in Wi-Fi, two Apple iPads, two Harman Kardon Bluetooth Headphones, and two OtterBox Defender iPad cases capable of streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and games.

Baldwin Subaru's product specialists are available to schedule a test drive to demonstrate DriverFocus, EyeSight, STARLINK, and multimedia amenities including the MySubaru app and its list of capabilities.