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The New line of Subaru Pet Accessories released near New Orleans LA Makes Pet Travel Safe

The New line of Subaru Pet Accessories released near New Orleans LA further prove the emphasis the auto giant places on safety. Designing their vehicles for the family element who seeks adventure, Subaru recognizes the family pet as one of the regular passengers. Seatbelts and crunch points protect passengers, but additional safety points were needed to provide the level of care needed for the family pet. Through a combination of accessories, Subaru offers safe transport of our furry family friends with products specially designed for restraint but with an acceptable comfort factor. Afterall, the family pet should enjoy the Subaru ride too.

Collapsible and Airy

The New line of Subaru Pet Accessories released near New Orleans LA includes a pet carrier that carves out a private space for the family's four-legged friend. Designed to fit within the confines of the Subaru's rear, the collapsible pet carrier fastens in place to ensure a secure position. After the pet takes occupancy, the door zips up to ensure retreat is not possible. With a netted and breathable shell, the family pet can enjoy the sites out of the windows of the Subaru and participate in conversations with its passengers. Safety and security are paramount, and Subaru strives to live by these standards. Proper security of the family pooch protects it and the driver. A canine bouncing around the vehicle uncontrollably can certainly distract the Subaru driver. This lives no longer as a fear with the new Subaru pet carrier. Only good times lie ahead.

New line of Subaru Pet Accessories released near New Orleans LA: Harnessing Safety

For the more mature pet, Subaru offers the pet harness that secures a variety of sized canines into place as a regular seat. For some, the confines of a kennel are not needed. With the Subaru pet harness, the pet can enjoy a ride up front and take in the sites from the windshield and side windows. IF seated up front and depending upon their skill, they might even be able to reach the radio, although doubtful if they could select a channel of their liking. Most importantly, Subaru continues relentlessly to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all.

Ramping Up

A handy pet ramp is included in the new line of Subaru Pet Accessories released near New Orleans LA. Whether Fido spent a long day splashing about in the river or running the trials at the park, his energy level might match his owners in depletion. Making it easy on both pet and owner, Subaru offers a collapsible ramp to allow for a gradual incline. Now Fido can complete his day of fun with honor and pride as he succumbs to exhaustion in the Subaru cargo hold. No chance of a slipped hip or pulled back exists with this last walk of victory.

Cushion of Comfort

If that trusty Labrador Retriever is long in the tooth but still holding on for another automotive adventure, Subaru makes it a possibility matched with comfort. After a long walk in the meadow or even on the beach, a Subaru pet cushion outlines the Subaru cargo area for a cushioned and relaxing nap to be had while returning home. While the seats offer maximum comfort for Subaru passengers, the auto giant provides the same for their best friends. No passenger goes unpampered when it comes to the technology offered in a Subaru vehicle. To learn more about how your pet can enjoy a safe and enjoyable Subaru experience, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433. Order from the new line of pet accessories here.