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Top Holiday Travel Destinations in the South Find Accessibility with a Subaru

Many find holiday perfection painted with viewing the frigid snow-filled air outside while sipping from a mug of hot cocoa. Others seek the alternative, with the only white powder being sand and a cold frosty beverage replacing the contents of that hot mug. For these individuals, November through January is better spent through top holiday travel destinations in the South. Picturesque beaches, breezy nights hearing the waves crash, and even quaint towns with mild weather entice many Subaru owners as the better option compared to the snow-capped mountains of the North.

Key West

Key West, FL must reign as one of, if not the very, best top holiday travel destinations in the South. Beautiful white beaches and emerald-tinted water produce a setting that invites anyone favoring the warmer climate. While located at the southern tip of the Sunshine State, it is still accessible by automobile. Families can pack up their Subaru of choice and set out on a warm-spirited adventure of tropical beverages and hair-blowing wind. Music and entertainment will also fill the hearts of anyone who visits. No matter the motivation, Subaru can deliver its passengers there for a warm and safe holiday stay.

Top Holiday Travel Destinations in the South: The French Quarter

Nothing speaks more of the holidays Louisiana style than a cup of Café Dumonde coffee and some beignets. The best way to experience this little cultural gem is in the fashion where it originated. A visit to the French Quarter can serve as the ideal holiday destination. Those beignets and coffees can be enjoyed on a brisk New Orleans night from the comfort of a carriage ride through historic New Orleans. Some need a glimmer or spark of cold to ring in the holidays properly, and the French Quarter and its hosting city can meet the need. While most winter nights can be challenging, they rarely mimic those found in the Rockies or Smokeys. An extra blanket and a coat are all needed to endure a magical night spent in the French Quarter during the holiday season.

Musical Notes

Without a doubt, Nashville, TN makes the list of top holiday travel destinations in the South. A visit to the South goes hand and hand with country music, so it only makes sense to visit its stomping ground. Bright lights and a musical surplus fill the air and make for a beautiful visit and appreciate what the area offers. While there, one must not leave without resting eyes on the Grand Ole Opry. If country music and history are your passions, it is here where they are mixed and appreciated. Suppose that is not enough to excite Subaru passengers for a holiday destination. In that case, the chances of coming face to face with a country star on Nashville's streets can be considered highly probable and might be the deciding factor in visiting.

Good Ole Gatlinburg

For many southerners, the dream of a cold and white Christmas seems to be nothing more than a dream that never comes true. These Subaru owners can rest assured that there is a place of history and tradition that can provide that same experience in the heart of the South. Gatlinburg, TN prides itself as a representative of the South but offers a mountainous terrain that often receives snow during the holidays. For many, it is the ideal holiday destination. Its Christmas lights are magical, and its rustic buildings of artistry glow as beautiful as paintings. Hot country cooking warms bellies for those who want to experience the cold winter air but in the South. The beauty of Gatlinburg is found in what it offers in its exact location. So, load up the Outback for a holiday adventure for those Subaru lovers who seek a quaint cabin with a picturesque view. Being a southern location, its relatively short distance entices for a visit. To learn more about southern holiday travel, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.