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Subaru Loves Learning in Covington LA Focuses on Contributing to a Better Society

Concentrating on making the world a better place, Subaru Loves Learning in Covington LA serves as a series of giveback programs. To execute such a task involves strategic partnerships with retailers who share the mindset. Searching for those who strive to make the world a better place, Subaru moves in to provide the assistance needed to make the dream a reality. With a focus placed on the youth, Subaru leads the way with awareness, care, and education programs. Utilizing partnerships and participation, Subaru gets children involved in a better way of life for the future.

Google Expeditions

Subaru Loves Learning in Covington LA includes a virtual experience bringing children where they cannot go. Known as Google expeditions, the program has benefited over a million students in 11 countries with over 200 expeditions. Partnering with different retailers, Subaru chose Google for this program. Together and in Subaru vehicles, the team travelled to bring expedition kits to schools to prepare them for their exciting virtual expeditions. Bringing awareness to the future leaders of the world, zero-landfill manufacturing and sustainability were topics of discussion. This type of education ensures the youth do a better job in managing world affairs for future generations to come.

Subaru Loves Learning in Covington LA: Teach for America

Bringing recruiting and cultivating a group of diverse teachers to lead in classrooms across low-income communities and be advocates for education across the globe. Subaru has assisted the organization in expanding educational opportunities for more than 750,000 children across the United States. Much like Subaru, the program focuses on the very best for its students as Subaru does for its customers.

Saturday Academy

Addressing the Girls Engage Technology (GET) program, Subaru Loves Learning in Covington LA through its partnership with Saturday Academy. The GET program seeks to increase the ratio of women in technology, a movement that Subaru believes in as well. Due greatly to Subaru's support, the GET program is sparking the interest of girls in technology and helping to grow their confidence in this sector. The beauty of the program involves girl teenagers teaching courses to elementary grade females. Living up to the phrase of seeing, Subaru lives it with the cars they produce, and Saturday Academy shows elementary girls that their gender can work in technology.

Adopt a Classroom

Coming to the rescue of the underprivileged, Subaru has joined forces with Adopt a Classroom to make learning environments more creative and productive. With 92-percent of classrooms under-supplied, Subaru strives to greatly decrease that statistic. Attention will be directed across the nation to provide school supplies and anything else to enhance learning and provide for a better tomorrow. This year, Baldwin Subaru is proud to announce that we have selected Pine View Middle School in Covington to partner with during the month of August. We have committed $10,000, which supports 20 classrooms and up to 500 students. To learn more about how Subaru gives back, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.