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Subaru Paper Shredding Day to Support Earth Day in Covington LA

Subaru Loves Earth Day in Covington LA and is dedicated to doing their part in supporting all efforts to conserve, preserve and recycle by teaming up with local organizations. Through Subaru's love for Earth retailers have joined the Forester Re-Foresting Project to help areas affected by forest fires. We partnered with the National Forest Foundation to replant 500,000 trees in devastated areas of California for the people and animals that lost their homes. America has 193 million acres of National Forest maintained by the National Forest Foundation with a goal to replant 50 million new trees to replenish out forests. Subaru is proud to be a part of this project.

Earth Day in Covington LA: Paper Shredding Day

Subaru supports Earth Day in Covington LA by partnering with local organizations and projects that help Earth. We partnered with Keep Covington Beautiful for Paper Shredding Day, April 24, 2021. Check back with us for more details and support Keeping Covington Beautiful. Subaru Loves the Earth and feel it is our duty to protect the natural resources that Earth has to offer. Subaru retailers share in the responsibility to decrease waste, preserve and protect resources. One-way Subaru helps with reducing waste is by manufacturing using zero landfill production plants. Our team has been recognized nationally due to our dedication to our community and our customers. We received the 2020 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award is awarded for demonstrating exceptional commitment in supporting causes focused on the environment, community, education, health, and pets. Our team at Baldwin Subaru Loves Earth Day in Covington LA and are dedicated to taking care of the environment and our wonderful planet. We love the outdoors and believe in the importance of recycling and preserving our resources as well as reducing the trash heading to landfills.

Earth Day Around the World

Earth Day 2021 will be April 22 around the world, however throughout the month of April there are various Earth Day events to participate in. Subaru retailers select various organizations to partner with to support Earth Day. Organizations such as Klean Kanteen, Leave No Trace, National Park Foundation, National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), TerraCycle, and Carter's Replanting Program. Klean Kanteen are reusable products that decrease the amount of trash in landfills. Leave No Trace educates customers on enjoying the outdoors and vehicles that support our door life. The National Park Foundation works to decrease trash, recycle, composting, education, donate vehicles, and visitor outreach programs. The NPCA teach about Subaru's zero-landfill expertise to park goers. TerraCycles involves the community by allowing them to bring in hard to recycle items to a participating Subaru dealer to be transformed into a useful product. Subaru dealers have been working since 2008 by planting trees that improve the quality of the air, decrease greenhouse gasses, and improve green spaces to offset customers' carbon footprint. Baldwin Subaru is serious about Earth Day and we would love to see you help us help Earth on April 24, 2021 for Shredding Paper Day. Join our team as we do our part to help Earth. We also will be available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding Earth Day events and your favorite Subaru. Drop by and see us at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington LA 70433 and meet our spectacular Subaru team.

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