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​​​​​​​Subaru Safety Technology in Covington, LA Drivers Should Be Aware Of

Subaru safety technology in Covington, LA continues to lead the industry in many areas. Drivers, when purchasing a new car, often want to know about any safety features that are standard on a model and what optional upgrades are available to them.  When they learn about the measures Subaru has taken to ensure drivers and their families remain safe while out on the road, the decision as to which vehicle to buy becomes much easier. What are some of the popular safety features that draw drivers to the Subaru dealership again and again? 


Subaru EyeSight

Drivers love the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology included in Subaru vehicles. Adaptive cruise control is one feature found in the EyeSight package. Drivers choose which speed they want the vehicle to maintain and the system works to keep the car or SUV there. However, it does so while maintaining a set distance between the vehicle and the one in front of it. Pre-collision braking is also found in the Eyesight package and works to prevent accidents. When the vehicle detects an obstacle in its path, the brakes are automatically applied in an effort to avoid a collision. These are only two features of Subaru EyeSight in Covington, LA drivers love. 


Imagine always having someone riding by your side in your vehicle. When driving a Subaru, this is exactly what the individual behind the wheel has if the Starlink system is connected. Authorities are automatically alerted if the vehicle is involved in a collision, the driver may request SOS emergency assistance, and more. Individuals who own a Subaru with Starlink connected find they have peace of mind while out on the road, regardless of where they choose to go. Enhanced roadside assistance is also offered with this package.

Safety Engineering

Symmetrical all-wheel drive is a feature found on most vehicles made by Subaru. In fact, many drivers choose their vehicle based solely on this Subaru safety technology in Covington, LA. Blind spot detection is also available and ensures drivers are aware of vehicles they may not otherwise be able to see. Other safety engineering innovations include advanced protective systems, vehicle dynamics control, and rear cross traffic alert. Ask at the dealership to have each feature demonstrated, as the staff will be more than happy to show these innovations and explain how they make the vehicle safer. 

Third Party Ratings

Subaru turns to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to have their vehicles evaluated for the level of safety. In 2017, several Subaru models earned a five-star overall vehicle rating, including the Legacy, Outback, and Crosstrek. Drivers who are considering buying a vehicle should ask at the dealership more about the ratings earned by their vehicle of choice. 

If you would like to know more about Subaru safety technology in Covington, LA, head over to the oldest Subaru dealership in Covington, LA. Once you speak to a staff member and see how these features work on the open road, you are sure to be impressed. The company remains committed to protecting those who buy their vehicles and all who ride in one. The dealership is family-oriented, pet-friendly, and all staff members are experienced in helping each driver find the vehicle that best meets their needs. Visit today or call (888) 486-3576 for more information.