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Subaru Safety Technology near Mandeville LA Keeps Teens Safe

Subaru safety technology near Mandeville LA is the epitome of safety and technology. You need another set of eyes? Subaru has it. You need another foot? Subaru has it. You need an assistant to help with scheduling? Subaru has that too. If you need it, Subaru has it! It's evident that Baldwin Subaru is dedicated to their customers, with safety, quality, and convenience leading the way. EyeSight Driver Assist Technology equips you with an extra set of eyes and, if necessary, an extra foot on the brake. EyeSight Adaptive Cruise Control uses your settings to automatically adjust your speed, helping to keep you at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. EyeSight Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning alerts you if you sway out of your lane by monitoring your Subaru's position on the road. Pre-Collision Braking alerts you and will apply brakes in emergency situations to help reduce frontal collisions. Pre-Collision Throttle Management will decrease engine power when EyeSight detects an obstacle in front of your vehicle that you are likely to hit, decreasing frontal impact damage.

Subaru safety technology near Mandeville LA Offers New Technology

Subaru's safety suite includes one of the first technologies of its kind, DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System, which recognizes when the driver is distracted or drowsy. If DriverFocus, combined with Subaru EyeSight, identifies the driver's attention wandered from the road for too long, it sends out visual and auditory alerts to regain the driver's attention to the road. It's as if you have your own personal driving assistant nudging you to keep you safe. Subaru STARLINK empowers you with instant support when you need it most. The STARLINK Concierge package is your own virtual assistant, helping with restaurant and hotel reservations or purchasing sports, theater, and other event tickets. It can assist you with searching points of interest and scheduling Subaru service appointments at your preferred retailer with the touch of a button. Automatic Collision Notification alerts STARLINK Customer Care Advisors, who contact your through your vehicle speakers and notify the appropriate first responders if necessary. For nonemergency roadside help, press the blue "i" button and help will be sent to your GPS location. Customer Care Advisors will also work with police to recover your vehicle if stolen using GPS location and STARLINK's Stolen Vehicle Recovery. To be connected to your Customer Care Advisor, press the red "SOS" button. A Vehicle Health Report is emailed from STARLINK to your MySubaru account regularly, including a full diagnostic report. You can obtain information such as odometer, driving range, tire pressure, and more with STARLINK's Vehicle Condition Check in the MySubaru app. When another driver is behind the wheel of your Subaru, you have the ability to set different boundary, speed, and curfew alerts with MySubaru.com or the MySubaru app. You can draw a circle or square on the MySubaru map showing where your Subaru is allowed or not allowed, and the app will alert you if this boundary rule is violated. If the Subaru exceeds your set speed limit or id out past the programmed curfew you will be alerted as well. This is a fantastic feature for monitoring teen drivers. With Subaru safety technology near Mandeville LA you will never have to get into a sweltering or ice-cold vehicle again, as Remote Engine Start with Climate Control allows you to start your vehicle and adjust the temperature on your smartphone with the MySubaru app. This is especially helpful during hot Louisiana summers or when you're taking a road trip with your pets. Keep the Subaru running with the doors locked and A/C on while you run inside for a snack or bathroom break. Baldwin Subaru safety technology near Mandeville LA presents countless safety and technological features. November is to Thanksgiving as Subaru is to Safety - from Adaptive Cruise Control to the Vehicle Condition Check, and everything in between.

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