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​​​​​​​Is the Subaru Ascent a Good Towing Vehicle Near Baton Rouge? Yes!

Is the Subaru Ascent a good towing vehicle near Baton Rouge? While this question is important, the joy of answering is overwhelmingly simplistic. The answer, of course, is a yes! The Ascent's towing ability reigns undeniable and several features offer validity. Reviewing specifications and features, any prospective Subaru Ascent buyer can determine exactly what the vehicle can pull by examining key performance indicators and mechanical provisions. The possibilities are endless. 

Towing Capacity



Is the Subaru Ascent a good towing vehicle near Baton Rouge? The number one factor in answering this question is the vehicle's towing capacity. If it does not rate high enough, then none of the other features matter. Fortunately, the Subaru Ascent comes equipped with a 5,000-pound towing capacity. That serves as enough supply to pull those jet skis to the lake or the dirt bikes to the trailway. The fun does not just end there. A variety of towing options are available with such a high rating. Camping can be made fun with a spend-the-night camping trailer. Campers can even pull those kayaks to the river for a day of fun and outdoor delight. Adding a bonus feature to the towing capacity, the Ascent sports an abundance of cargo area. Now all the accessories that go along with what is being pulled can now be safely stored inside the vehicle. Confidence now reigns inside and behind the vehicle. 

Is the Subaru Ascent a good towing vehicle near Baton Rouge? Drivetrain Says Yes

When towing anything behind a vehicle, control is of the utmost importance. Subaru understands the level of attention needed in this aspect and ensures the highest level of safety with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Ensuring that all Ascent drivers feel the love, this drivetrain system comes standard on all trim levels. All Ascents will offer the same level of control and confidence when towing curving highways or steep embankments. 

Fuel Efficiency

Is the Subaru Ascent a good towing vehicle near Baton Rouge? Some might focus their attention on a full-size truck and say the Ascent could hardly offer the absolute best in towing, but the Ascent breaks stereotypical barriers. With the price of gasoline on the rise, driving those full-sized pickups is going to take more from the wallet. The Ascent offers a fuel-friendly alternative. With the ability to exercise safe towing, a fuel rating of 27 MPG on the highway and 21 MPG in the city offers a friendly financial look at getting the Jon boat to the river. 



Further validation in towing expertise is once again found in the money clip. Considering the fuel costs, the Ascent seems like the logical towing selection. For those still on the fence, a simple comparison of pricing might cast the deciding vote. Those gas-guzzling pickup trucks feature a shocking price tag of upwards of $50,000 while the Subaru Ascent starts at an MSRP of $32,295. Who said you had to break $40,000 to pull that ATV to the deer camp? Exercising fiscal responsibility, Subaru Ascent drivers can enjoy everything needed in a towing machine with additional space for the family. To learn more about the Ascent's towing features, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.