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The Most Exciting WRX Ever has been Revealed Near Hammond LA, and It Is Perfection

The most exciting WRX ever has been revealed near Hammond LA and the masses love it. While automotive utopia has long been a dream or top award possible, the new WRX not only achieves that dream but makes it the new reality. Car perfection is now a real and raw rendition of power and persona. An increase in horsepower partnered with a unique driving platform provides the attention grabber for a power review. A larger touchscreen and advanced infotainment system hook the techies and further solidify the amazement supplied within the vehicle.

Under the Hood Surprise

The most exciting WRX ever has been revealed near Hammond, LA, mainly due to the increase in horsepower found under the hood. Drivers find 271-horsepower at their disposal compliments of the turbocharged flat-four engine. With all contributors in alignment, the WRX yields 258 pounds-feet of undeniable torque. Control is located in the six-speed manual transmission or the continuously variable automatic option. Both choices bring the thrill and a unique driving experience. For additional sport, the automatic transmission option also comes fitted with paddle shifters to provide increments of manual shifting when desired. All these features will be hosted upon 17-inch or 18-inch sport rims and tires, ready to carry the WRX straight into the hearts of anyone who drives it.

The most exciting WRX ever has been revealed near Hammond LA: Technical Surprise

The WRX features an enlarged touchscreen boasting 11.6 inches in size. Providing the perfect combination of use, the touchscreen features touch buttons and physical controls for the stereo and climate control system. Outfitted with a cutting-edge Harman Kardon sound system, the WRX is dressed with 11 speakers. Now surround sounds find an entirely new definition. Those remaining true to their stockpile of downloaded music can now resume breathing for the vehicle is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible. Subaru made sure all loose ends were tied up, and the very best was provided.

Safety First

The most exciting WRX ever has been revealed near Hammond, LA and brings pride to the automaker through various avenues. Safety finds root in driver-assistance technology offered on the automatic transmission model. Excitement additionally breaks out with the big reveal, including forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. Subaru steps up to the plate to ensure safety if the driver misses a blind spot or suffers from poor reflexes. Staying between the lines is an example of smart technology provided by Subaru and makes their vehicles some of the safest on the market. Adaptive cruise control completes the focus on safety with its ability to adjust following the car's proximity ahead. Subaru considered all scenarios and designed the vehicle accordingly.

A View from the Interior

The new WRX exemplifies perfection and generates thunderous excitement with all its features. The interior comforts convey the same message and further lure buyers into the exclusive WRX ownership club. Red contrast stitching displays a touch of flair, while carbon fiber-like accents complement the vehicle's appearance in the most gracious of fashions. Analog gauges and a flat-bottom steering wheel add to the mystique of simply the most exciting car to motor into the market. An innovative 60/40 split-bench rear seat can be released and folded down to gain access to the trunk. Even enhanced cargo space made it into the recipe of perfection. To learn more about the WRX and its features, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.