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​​​​​​​Subaru Reveals the All-New 2023 Outback: Find Out What’s New with America’s Favorite SUV

The big news of today is Subaru reveals the all-new 2023 Outback: Find out what's new with the greatest sports vehicle on the road and you will sure to be intoxicated with envy. Encompassing the absolute best in safety standards and stellar performance, the Outback will carry much of the old that makes it superior. It will additionally carry some new facets that will only intensify its place in Subaru lovers' hearts and its stature in the automotive market. 

Showing Off the New



Subaru reveals the all-new 2023 Outback: Find out what's new with the outside. The front end has now been dressed in an aggressive style that seems to long for adventure. Stout fog lights and slanted headlights provide an interesting display of illumination while giving sight in the dark. Following the theme of the slanted headlights, the black trimmed wheel wells lay back in a design that portrays continual motion with no stopping. Their beefed-up style assists in protecting the fuselage from rocks and other debris thrown from the tires. After all, aggressive and all-terrain driving will continue to be a welcomed challenge as the Outback leans more to that appearance of driving style. Those seeking the Outback out as a family transporter can still fulfill that dream, but with an intense stature. With its top portion of the fuselage resembling have of a bubble cap, the BRZ rests graciously as breathtaking view of automotive engineering. Flared sides deliberately resemble the Porche coupe itself. Having been designed to compete with Toyota, Subaru has successfully domineered the coupe market with the BRZ and promises to continue its reign well into and past 2023. 

Subaru Reveals the All-New 2023 Outback: Find Out What's New Under the Hood

Not content with some strokes of the brush and slight design modifications, Subaru took the enhancements under the hood. In all fairness, a complete upheaval in power supply was nowhere near necessary but some tweaks fair well. The same standard 2.5-liter BOXER engine still resides under the new Outback's hood. Additionally, drivers can still enjoy the 182-horsepower and 176-ft.lbs. of torque. So, what is new? The incredibly special Onyx trim now features a nonturbo standard engine while a turbocharged powerplant can be had as an additional feature. No matter the selection, plenty of power still rests in the accelerator that will impress and thrill simultaneously.

Driving Assistance

Subaru reveals the all-new 2023 Outback: Find out what's new with the best in driver assistance technology. Subaru has now outfitted the Outback Touring with an additional forward-facing camera. That makes a total of three just on the front. All models get touched with a wide-angle camera to the EyeSight system. The expanded vantage point was designed to bring pedestrians and cyclists into the driver's view. Improved control software and an electric brake booster provide perfection in stopping. With continued attention directed at the Touring, a standard LCD smart rearview mirror finds its way inside the vehicle. It even adds auto dimming and HomeLink access. 

Smart Technology


The 2023 Subaru Outback features the very latest in Starlink Multimedia technology. It includes an 11.6-inch vertically stationed touchscreen. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto go along for the ride. The most exciting news is the arrival of W3W into its already superior navigation system. W3W hails as a global location technology divides the planet into a series of grids that are three meters by three meters. Each square features a unique combination of English words, which represent spots on a map that can range from a home to a trail marker. Recalling and sharing position locations has never been easier. For more information on the 2023 Outback, contact Baldwin Subaru at 1730 N Hwy 190 Covington, LA 70433.