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At Baldwin Subaru, we want to make sure the automobile acquisition process is as smooth and easy for our clients as possible. This means making any and all necessary vehicle information readily available. We've long realized that there is an increasing distrust in the auto sales industry, which is why we disclose as much information as we can about each vehicle that we offer. Baldwin Subaru wants its clients to find the car which best suits their needs, budgets, and other personal preferences.

Below is a gallery of some of the vehicles we currently offer from our lot, so that you can get an idea of what to expect when you choose to pay our dealership a visit and do a test drive. The videos include photos of each vehicle from various angles, and a rundown of the features of each vehicle.

The photos/videos featured in our gallery show the actual vehicles currently in our dealership.  Keep in mind, however, that in the period between the moment the vehicle was included and viewed in the gallery and the time you make it to our lot, there may have been a chance it was sold and is no longer available. Call our dealership first to inquire about the vehicle you want to check out.

We make all efforts to ensure that our list of vehicles is up-to-date and that the information provided is very accurate. To best determine which of our cars suits your needs, we recommend looking over this gallery for ideas and invite you to call Baldwin Subaru at (888) 486-3576 for more information.

You can also drop by our dealership to see the vehicles in person. All of the staff at our dealership have your best interest in mind and are eager to provide you all the details you need regarding any of the vehicles you may be interested in. They are willing to make recommendations whenever requested and simply want to help you make the most informed selection possible.