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​​​​​​​What You Should Know About Subaru StarTexSeats in Covington LA

​​​​​​​If you and your family are into exploring the great outdoors, Subaru StarTex seats in Covington LA may be the rugged, yet easy-care interior you wished you had in your crossover or SUV.

If you own an SUV, chances are you've used it to explore the great outdoors. If you're a Subaru owner, the chances are probably even greater. And by exploring, we don't mean driving through a scenic area; we mean biking, hiking, camping, and kayaking. Because of this, Subaru developed a high-performance and long-lasting, water-repellent upholstery called StarTex to make sure the seats they make can keep pace with the people sitting on them.

Subaru StarTex seats in Covington LA are made from StarTex, a urethane material that doesn't include any polyvinyl chloride, phthalate or chlorine. Its backing comprises 25% recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which you might recognize as "PET" from plastic water bottles. It prevents moisture from soaking into the seats' foam padding and is more durable than cloth or leather. Like modern high-performance clothing and outerwear, StarTex repels water but still breathes. Mud and debris have no chance against StarTex. It can take repeated washings and the rough treatment to which many active Subaru owners subject their interiors. It's also more lightweight than leather. Since automakers are under heavy pressure to produce more efficient vehicles, the company needed to develop a waterproof fabric that doesn't add a significant amount of weight.

Subaru StarTex Seats in Covington LA: Material​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Created by recycled, animal-free materials the StarTex material aligns with Subaru's pledge to care for and preserve the environment. Though vegan upholstery isn't necessarily new, it's something that resonates with many Subaru owners. And from a comfort perspective, Subaru StarTex seats in Covington LA are soft to the touch. It looks like leather and feels like leather, but it's better than leather. And what's the sense of making waterproof upholstery if the passengers feel like they're sitting on a folded piece of tarp?

Subaru buyers who choose the StarTex interior will have one less thing to be concerned about. Even covered in mud, soaked in river water, or both, they won't have to worry about ruining the seats. However, don't forget that the carpet, center console, and headliner aren't water-repellent. And after repeated washings it'll still look great.

Subaru StarTex seats in Covington LA were first introduced on the 2020 Subaru Outback Onyx XT Edition, one of the company's most outdoorsy models, and then the 2021 Crosstrek Sport. We hope to see StarTex material offered in more models and trim levels in the coming years. It would make a lot of sense in a model like the Forester, and parents would love to have water-repellent seats in the eight-seater Ascent, however, we have not seen StarTex in any models other than the Outback and Crosstrek so far.

If you're ready to add more adventure without the worry of messing up the interior of your SUV, schedule a demonstration virtually or in-person and visit Baldwin Subaru to discover the difference StarTex makes.